This is why Otile brown will not be performing his popular hits anytime soon

Singer Otile Brown PHOTO FILE

Nairobi,KENYA:Singer Otile Brown might not be performing his hits in public anytime soon.This was after he walked out of an existing contract with his label dreamland music owned by Dr Eddie.

The singer made the revelation last week on his Instagram page further updating the contact of his new management.

“Attention!! Would like to take this special opportunity to Inform you ,my beloved Friends ,Family , fans and most importantly Promoters and event organizers that i am No longer working or in any other partnership with DREAMLAND MUSIC owned by DR.EDDIE …In case of any business deals that involves me (under the mentioned management )kindly be informed that I won’t be involved nor partake.
Kindly recheck my new contact details on my social medias bio.

To my valued loyal fans, you can now find me on my new youtube channel “official Otile Brown” ; following the link on my bio and kindly subscribe.
New and good music coming your way anytime.
Last but not least ,I’m truly humbled by your immense love and support .It’s my promise to you that I won’t let you down.
your bwoy gat you “ Otile wrote.

However his former record label clapped  back at him stating that as a consequence of walking out of the contract, Otile Brown had lost the rights to all of his hit singles produced by the stable.

“The Dreamland Music Empire wishes to make the following announcements: that as part of our motto: identifying, nurturing and developing talent, we identified Otile Brown, we nurtured him and we eventually developed him.. That we as a company entered in to a contract with Otile Brown to protect our business interests and his.. We made all necessary arrangements to make him comfortable so as to be a successful musician until then Otile Brown walked out of a mutual and active contract without a notice. Just like any business entity we our desire is to protect our Interests and image. We wish to let all musicians and stakeholders know that all the songs and videos produced in our studios namely… Shujaa Wako, Imaginary Love, Dejavu, Everything, Basi, Pakate, Alivyonipenda, Niseme Nawe & Aiyolela… Are owned by Dreamland Music Empire. He is henceforth prohibited by the clauses in the contract he signed to use them in performances or business purposes. We thank you all for your continued support. DREAMLAND MUSIC.. Beyond talent...” wrote Dr Eddie of Dreamland music.

Otile has not commented anything in regards to why he fired his former management company, however he has been busy promoting his new you-tube channel and hit single  Yule mbaya which is set to be released on 21st March.

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