Moha explains why he asked Kenyans to contribute to his political campaign


Former KTN investigative journalist Mohamed Ali of the Jicho pevu  investigative series, has come out to give reasons as to why he wants Kenyans to contribute funds to facilitate his political campaign.

During the Press Pass show on NTV on Monday, Moha said that he put the post there so that he can get support from all Kenyans.

“When I put the post on social media I want to get support from all Kenyans I have so many friends who can fund my campaign but once I get there they would want me to return the favor and that is why I call for all Kenyans to help me so that I work for them not few individuals.”

Moha noted that politicians have turned the country politics all about money and it saddens him that every time he campaigns he is being asked for Kitu kidogo

“Every time I go to campaign in Nyali people ask me for something for small but I don’t encourage that.” Said Moha

On a post on social media pages, Ali  who has been a  vocal critic of the jubilee government urged Kenyans to support  him as they as he begins his race to parliament.

Ali who has been hailed by many for his work in exposing the faces behind some of the largest social ills in the country including drugs and extrajudicial killings, resigned from The Standard group last week and is eyeing the Nyali constituency seat.

Ali has been seen to closely associate himself with the ODM party principals; a likelihood of him vying for the seat using a NASA ticket.

Moha and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.
Moha and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.


The incumbent Hezron Awiti Bollo is eying the Mombasa gubernatorial seat and Ali  is set to  battle out other aspirants who include the chairperson of the GEMA community in Mombasa Crispus Waithaka who is vying on a Maendeleo chap chap ticket and businessman Ashraf Bayusuf.