Drought situation in Kilifi associated with killing of elders in the area


Kilifi, KENYA: The ongoing drought in Kilifi County has been associated with the killings of elderly people and evil deeds in the area, this is according to the elders.

Speaking during a public baraza on the current drought  situation, the elders  in Ganze Sub-county have attributed the killings of elderly people on witchcraft allegations; to the abnormal drought being witnessed in the area.

Chengo Karisa, one of the elders said he has never seen or experienced such drought in his entire life that has dried up perennial rivers such as River Rare.

He said the drying up of rivers and dams that have ever existed and serving the people is a sign of curse from God following the evil deeds people have turned to.

“At this age of mine I have never experienced such drought that has killed hundreds of thousands of animals and dried up all water sources,” said Karisa.

“This is a sign of curse from God and we elderly and the county government of Kilifi should come together in prayers to salvage our county from this drought that has brought about hunger,” he added.

He said the elderly people in Ganze sub-county have begun consultations with religious leaders to carry out mass prayers for the entire county.

Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi said the situation is tight in the area and vowed to help the residents with relief from his government.

He said in Matomane that his government will provide the residents’ with relief food until the time when rain falls.

“The situation is really bad in some parts of this county due to drought and we have to take action to make sure our people do not suffer from the looming hunger,” said Kingi.

“My government will ensure to give out relief food to the people of this county until rain season when our people will be reaping some harvests,” added Kingi.