Negligence in IG Boinnet’s office denying justice to victims, says magistrate


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa senior magistrate Edigah Kagoni has accused the office of Director of Public Prosecution and the office of Inspector General of Police over the increased acquittal of suspects in Mombasa court.

Mr. Kagoni on Tuesday said that he had acquitted over eight suspects in the month of February due to insufficient evidence to convict them.

According to Kagoni, most of the investigative officers have failed to carry out intensive investigations thus making it hard for the prosecution to get evidence.

He further said the office of DPP was mandated to prosecute cases and requested senior officers to attend court proceedings to witness increased adjournment of matters in court.

Kagoni now wants the arms of the government to work together in order to restore justice in courts.

“Increased withdrawal of cases in courts only leave accused persons happy as the complainants continue to blame the court for denying them justice,” he said.

He ordered the ruling typed, certified and served to the county commander, DCIO and the office of DPP.