We will support Joho in the coming elections! declare Luo elders


Mombasa, KENYA: A section of Luo elders in Mombasa on Thursday dismissed claims that the community will not support  the re-election of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The group’s chairman Obara Kings also dismissed another group that had earlier vowed to campaign against Joho.

In January, a section of the Luo community in Mombasa had expressed their frustration with the Mombasa Governor to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, saying  that Joho was sidelining the community.

The community met with Mr. Odinga after three MCAs from the community were expelled from the County assembly committees for allegedly being disloyal.

They have also called on Mombasa residents to register in  large numbers to ensure ODM wins in the coming general elections.

“We ask our community members and Mombasa residents at large to register near their residential areas in order to enable them vote,” he said.