Etihad airlines embraces partnership for healthier business


Etihad Airways has embarked on a partnership strategy that will see the airline partner with other airlines in a bid to generate savings.

In a statement to news rooms on Tuesday, the airline CEO James Hogan said the joint venture will be realized especially in procurement.

The airline has invested in other airlines as part of their partnership strategy.

“We also believed our minority investments would unlock an additional advantage that the global alliances were simply unable to use. “Hogan said in a statement.

“We could work on joint procurement and other business synergies which would save us – and our partners – hundreds of millions of dollars. Again, we have seen similar benefits from each of our investments, with those synergies being shared by all the partners.”He added

Mr Hogan said the strategy resulted in 5.5 million guests connecting onto the airline network from codeshares and partners in 2016, delivered revenue and synergy benefits.

“We are committed to our equity partner strategy – it delivers a huge amount to our business. Some of those airlines need to react to the market pressures they face, and we are supportive of that process.” Concluded Mr. Hogan.