Bhang worth sh.172,600 impounded by police in Lamu


Lamu, KENYA: Police in Lamu have confiscated 314 big rolls of bhang worth a street value of Sh.172,600, several satchets of cocaine,numerous packages of ecstasy drugs and dangerous weapons amongst them knives, machetes and clubs.

The drugs were nabbed in a crackdown conducted by police from various units in various areas in Lamu and Tchundwa islands in Lamu West and East respectively.

During the operation,six suspects among them five men and a woman were arrested and are expected to be arraigned in court this week.

Speaking in his Lamu  office on Momnday when he paraded the drugs for the media,Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said drug trafficking among youth in the county was their biggest headache.

Kanyiri lauded the security officers and the public for their efforts that led to the discovery of the drugs and weapons.

He said the crackdown was still ongoing and urged the public to submit any helpful information to the police.

“We have arrested six people after we found them in possession of 314 rolls of bhang with a street value of Sh.172,600. We are yet to establish the street value of cocaine and heroin.” said Kanyiri.

Renowned drug hotpots on Lamu island that are now under police radar include Kijitoni,Kashmir and Wiyoni.
Others are Tchundwa, Mbwajumwali, Faza and Pate in Lamu East.

The commissioner has also warned boat operators against colluding with traffickers to ferry into Lamu and other islands.