Lamu parents urge TSC to employ natives in the area over insecurity fears


Lamu, KENYA: Residents from Lamu’s minority community of Boni in Basuba ward want the government to employ qualified youth from the area to teach in five schools, that haven’t been operational for over two years now.

Since the year 2015,the Basuba, Milimani, Mangai,Mararani and Kiangwe primary schools in Basuba have remained closed down after teachers who had been posted by Teachers Service Commission-TSC fled the area following increased Alshabaab attacks.

Parents from Basuba now say that despite improved security all over the region, the schools are yet to re-open since many teachers are still reluctant to work in the area for security fears.

Residents now want the government through the TSC to employ and deploy natives of the area to teach in the schools.

The parents say even after schools re-opened this week,many schools in Basuba are yet to do so.

“Every time we inquire on when schools will open we are told the problem is teachers. We also have information that all those who are posted here don’t want to come.we urge the TSC to employ our own natives, we have people who have trained as teachers and they can work here without any fear. ” Said Gurba Ali.

They also urged the government to improve education infrastructure all over Basuba in order to ensure children in the area also access quality education.

Parents are afraid that following the continued overstay of the children in their homes,many especially are bound to lose direction in life.