(PHOTOS) Mombasa holds first ever beauty beyond skin color fashion show

(PHOTOS) Mombasa holds first ever beauty beyond skin color fashion show

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One of the models rocking the runway during the Beauty beyond skin color fashion show event in Mombasa. PHOTO: BRIAN OSWETA.

For the first time in Kenya’s history Mombasa on Saturday night held a fashion event that involved people with albinism.

The event themed as Beauty Beyond Skin Color brought together people living with albinism from different places in the country showcasing their talents in modeling.

About 19 models, both men and women participated in that unique event held at Reef Hotel in Nyali Mombasa county.

Speaking to Baraka FM during the event, Lucia Kimemia one of the organizers from Kiki Fashion House said that their aim is to encourage a positive outlook of people with albinism and also breaking the standards of beauty in Kenya.

“People with Albinism have been marginalized, but this event is aimed in changing the society on how they look at them. We want to show people that these people are beautiful too.” She said.

The models could be seen on the runway wearing colorful dresses as well as taking photos as Mombasa’s  Dj Lenium thrilled the crowd with good music.

One of them, Naomi Wafula from Nairobi told Baraka FM that the fashion show has given her courage and built her self esteem.

“ This is a great thing ever happened, we are now happy and confident enough to face the society and speak out about our challenges and to prove our ability, I believe I am beautiful.” She said

Among those who attended the Saturday night event was nominated MP Issack Mwaura  who is also the coordinator of Albinism Society of Kenya, Hudson Karume a nominated MCA Mombasa county representing people with disability among others.

Speaking after the event, Mwaura said that the effort done by the Albinism Society of Kenya which was founded in 2006 has has changed the society perspective about people with albinism.

“Soon we are starting a special campaign to all counties creating awareness to the society. I as nominated MP I think I have shown a good example that people with albinism are able, we also have judge Mumbi Ngugi in the high court.” He said.

Another fashion show is expected to be held at KICC Nairobi on 5th August this year, where Mr and Miss Albinism will be announced.

Isaac Mwaura is said to have pumped a lot of money to sponsor the August event to make sure it becomes big and successfull.