Singer Rihanna pulls another Surprise.

Singer Rihanna pulls another Surprise.

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Rihanna is famous for her controversial fashion statements.

CALIFORNIA, USA:  Controversial singer Rihanna is again trending with her fashion statements, dating life and release of surprise albums.

Rihanna’s bad-gal image has not changed much over the years. She’s still pushing the boundaries with her bold fashion statements – from couture to risqué outfits – and the mysteries surrounding her dating life spark social media-trending topics. But the direction of her surprise album, Anti, released without notice Wednesday night, probably isn’t what her fans were expecting.

The album’s debut single, “Work,” that reteams her with Drake, is more interesting because of the notable collaboration, but is by far the album’s weakest entry.

While Rihanna has found tremendous success by being brash and always reinventing her dance sound, Anti appears to tap into a more vulnerable, introspective side of the artist, evidenced in the lyrical content as well as vocal and music production.

Rihanna appears to have put the mission to score hit records on the back burner to instead reveal the true emotional side at her core.