Orengo says they will not allow IEBC to conduct fresh elections

Siaya Senator James Orengo addressing journalists at the BOMAS of Kenya in Nairobi. PHOTO: CHRIS NYAMUTA.

Nairobi,KENYA:Siaya senator James Orengo has said that they will not allow the IEBC to conduct the re-election of the presidential election.

Speaking to reporters just a few minutes after the supreme court hearing Orengo said that the intergrity of thr IEBC was questionable

“ We cannot allow a body that conducted an election with irregularities  to repeat the election” Orengo told reporters.

The  supreme court  had earlier nullified the re-election of  president Uhuru Kenyatta  following polls that were held on 8th of August.

In a ruling read out by the Kenyan Chief Justice David Maraga who is also the head of the court after a 6 bench judge sitting, the court declared the results to the presidential election  Invalid,null and void.

“A declaration is hereby issued that the presidential election held on the 8th of August 2017 was not conducted in accordance with the constitution and the applicable law rendering the declared results Invalid , null and void” Justice Maraga read

Justice Maraga told the court that  the ruling arrived at following the decision of the majority of the judges which are four of the 6 judges.

The Kenyan supreme court sitting consists of 7 judges but the ruling was made by a 6 judge sitting after one of the judges earlier fell ill.

The court also ordered the presidential election to be repeated in 60 days.