Up close and personal with one of Mombasa’s finest musicians P Day

Up close and personal with one of Mombasa’s finest musicians P Day

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He is one of the celebrated musicians at the coast who are doing their very best to put the region at the top of the charts in the music industry.

With hits like Niringe Naye, Nylon guitar and Shoma Dede where he features Alkenia Luv , no doubt one would love to know who P Day is; Baraka FM’s Brian Osweta managed to gather the following from him:

BRIAN: Who is P Day?

P DAY:  P Day is an artists from Mombasa , God fearing young man with a family who is focused.

BRIAN: How did the name P Day come about?

P DAY: P Day stands for my real name which Peter Siku. Peter is my baptism name and since people used to call me Day then I took P and Day and it became P Day.

BRIAN:  Who was 10-yr-old P Day?

PDAY: He was a naughty boy who  loved music. I remember I won a trophy for my school choir; I used to do set pieces and was the best student under our deputy teacher Mr. Tune in Kilifi county.

BRIAN: Where did you go to school?

P DAY: I went to  Mkongani Primary school and Katana Ngala High School. There after, I did HIV management diploma , Counselling certificate and dropped all that to do music. (laughs)

BRIAN: Is that how you began your music career?

P DAY: Yes and also I can say that music is in our blood . My grandmother used to compose songs known as “Chechemeko” in our community and my dad was also a singer. My dad is also a pastor and so  this made me learn how to play various instruments, so as to help him in church and even my younger brother is a very talented guitar player.

BRIAN:  Speaking of your dad being a pastor, why did you opt for secular music?

P DAY:  (Laughs) You know at times we need to let ministry be ministry and entertainment be entertainment ; it’s very wrong to use ministry as a money making business.

Well my mother has always been on my case as to why I don’t  sing gospel.  I told my mother that time will come and it’s coming soon that I will come back home; as I started with gospel.

I believe ministry is all about singing for God and touching lives through music and not asking for sh. 200,000 to come for a concert where people have come to seek God through music.

But I know God is my creator and I praise my God everyday;

BRIAN: You have worked with singing group Afrizo before,tell us more about this.

P Day with celebrated musician Hellen Mtawali together with an Afrizo band member during a past performance.

P DAY:  When I cleared my high school studies and as I was still waiting to join college, Hellen Mtawali the leader of Afrizo, happens to be married to my cousin Alfred Mtawali and so she told Mr. Mtawali to allow me come to Nairobi and play for Afrizo since I am very talented in music.

So I went to  Daystar University where Afrizo used to meet and I was able to join Afrizo and met the likes of comedian Eric Omondi. I really learnt a lot from Hellen she is a great mentor.

BRIAN:So are we expecting a collabo with Hellen/ Afrizo anytime soon?

P DAY:  Even if I want I can do the collabo right now, I can do it. But as of now I think am not at her level and so if I do a song with her I think she will overshadow me (laughs) but soon I will.

BRIAN: Of all your songs which is your best?

PDAY: My best is Nylon guitar

BRIAN: What can you say about Coast Musicians?

P DAY: What I can say is that most of us lack originality in our music. Tanzanians started Bongo flavor and you find a musician from the coast saying he sings bongo when asked about his genre; this is not right.  This I also attribute to lack of unity;once we unite I believe we can take the music industry in Kenya by storm, even Nairobi artistes are actually afraid of us.

BRIAN: What genre of music do you sing?

P DAY: I do Afro fusion as I also combine various genres to make  beautiful music.

BRIAN: Who was your first crush?

P DAY: (smiles) Her name was Mercy she had Chinese like eyes

BRIAN: You have been accused of being a player/ladies man, what do you have to say about this?