Meet Mombasa’s “Luther Vandross” whose music ladies can’t get enough of

Meet Mombasa’s “Luther Vandross” whose music ladies can’t get enough of

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His hit song Nzo kuno dede took the airwaves by storm with many labeling it as one of the best love songs Mombasa has ever produced; ladies in particular seem to have fallen in love with his voice and the manner in which the lyrics come out in the song.

Having come from a strong Christian back ground Mombasa’s musician Alkenia luv shares with Baraka FM his journey in music and his love life.

BRIAN:How did you come up with the name Alkenia Luv ?

ALKENIA:  My name is Alfonse Suleiman. So AL stands for ALFONSE kenia stands for my country KENYA;the love I have for my country.

BRIAN : The name Suleiman begs me to ask, are you a Muslim?

ALKENIA: Well I am a Christian but my father is a Muslim.

BRIAN: How did you start your music?

ALKENIA: This is a talent and as you know most of us discover our talents when we are young. If a child plays football most likely you will hear the kid saying that he would love to be a great footballer one day. As for me, ever since i was in Primary school I have been singing in Church  and there is where I discovered my passion.

BRIAN: Which genre of music do you sing?

ALKENIA: I do Afro pop but mostly they resemble classical music.

BRIAN: You said you started singing in church, why do secular now?

ALKENIA: I once recorded a gospel album during my early days in music, but I was an amateur at that time and so my work was not very appealing. Then  I met with other artistes and one producer from bongo named  PG, who showed me how to do proper music; he  wrote a song for me  and it sounded really good and from that day I left gospel and I started singing secular. However, I am still a staunch christian, I sing in the choir and I have a very strong relationship with good.

BRIAN: How has the church taken this? Do they judge you?