Meet the Beautiful lass rocking your airwaves every morning in...

Meet the Beautiful lass rocking your airwaves every morning in Mombasa

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Baraka FM's morning breakfast presenter Mkamburi Chigogo PHOTO?BRIANOSWETA

Did you know that the beautiful Mkamburi Chigogo who rocks your airwaves every  morning on Mombasa’s 95.5 Baraka FM  is half  Taita  half Jibana? Did you know that if you get to be the lucky one in her life she will shower you with Kisses in public  and all other kind of PDA, without any hesitation?

I managed to have an exclusive interview with the Havard Business School of Africa graduate who opens up about her personal life and many more.

Who is Mkamburi Chigogo?

I hate that question but if you insist, in one word interesting.

How many siblings do you have?

I am the third born among one sister  and three brothers.

What’s your favourite dish ?

Sima , Mkate, chipo (Sighs) Oh my God I love chipo!

Where did you go to High School?

St. Elizabeth Academy Karen

Who was Mkamburi in High school?

Interesting! You know with Me Brian What you see is what you get! If anyone who went to high school with me would see me right now hey’d say you know this girl has never changed. If you provoke drama you will get drama!

What do you  dislike most?

Petty Bullshit! Anything that will position me to cause senseless drama for nothing; I just don’t like that.

Did you ever dream that one day you will be a presenter when growing up?

All day every day I used to stand in front of a mirror and talk all day. I remember I told my mum that I will work in Media then open a salon.

There has been complains that Mkamburi portrays herself as a diva who looks down upon people who are not well educated and financially stable. Is this true?

With education, why would I want to be associated with somebody who is mediocre even in real life, financially I don’t look down upon somebody since I myself am not that stable.

So it’s true that Mkamburi looks down on people who are not in the same level of thinking as she is?

Same level of thinking I will look down upon you. How do you expects eagles and chickens to sit together? What will we be talking about? If you keep hanging around people who just cleared form 4 and class 7 and someone who has a basic certificate yet  you still expect to make yourself better, can you just please wake up and smell the coffee for pit’s sake!

3You seem to have a very strong personality. It makes me wonder are you dating anyone?

Currently No.

Do you have an ideal person?

No I don’t have an ideal person at the moment. However, one thing that will attract me to someone, is somebody with a genuine soul. I am more of the conservative genuine type of love.

What is your take on Valentine’s Day?

Valentines is for wimps, I don’t believe in it. it’s a facade  that people just put up. Why would you do all that to someone just for a day and not give them the same the entire year?

Have you ever been in any relationships before?

Yes two of them.

How long did they last?

All of them have been long. My first one lasted 3 years I was 20 years I guess it was campus love that reached a point that it just didn’t work. The second one, things got so complicated; we viewed love differently and so it couldn’t work.

Is Mkamburi a virgin?

(Laughs) That is none of anybody’s business; will that info put food on somebody’s table?

Do you see yourself on TV in future?

Maybe it’s there may be it’s not. If it’s doing TV am not planning to work local though am not saying that it might not happen. I want to go and experience a different lifestyle, experience what people in South Africa do, people in Harare..etc

What’s you star sign?

Aries. Anyone born in April is somebody who has a strong personality, someone who is blunt and cut throat. Not afraid to say it as it is.

Do you have any fetishes?

(Bursts out in laughter) I cannot talk about my fetishes Brian you want…. (says some words I can’t put here lest I be summoned by Media Council of Kenya)

What’s one thing that people will be shocked to know about you?

I love PDA (Public Display of Affection) and I don’t do friends with benefits plus I still use my fingers to count. I hate romantic movies; ratchet TV Is my best.

One more thing is that am a born again Christian.

I know everyone who has been following this interview is dying to know one thing that i haven’t asked you. How old is Mkamburi?

Young enough to make you go gaga and old enough to bring the bacon home (Winks).