Meet Chris Brown’s personal chef during his Mombasa tour

Meet Chris Brown’s personal chef during his Mombasa tour

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Mombasa is going crazy as the much anticipated Chris Brown’s concert is expected to take place this weekend 8th October 2016 at Mombasa Golf Club.

The organizers are doing everything to make sure that the show is a success and among the people whom they have acquired services from, is US-based Chef Ali Pandey who will be handling Chris’ food while he is in Mombasa.

Currently staying at a hotel in Mombasa as he prepares for Chris’ arrival , Baraka FM’s Brian Osweta managed to get a quick short interview with him  just to get to know a little bit about him and share a bit of what Chris is going to have.

Brian: So who are you?

Chef Ali: My name is Chef Ali Pandey from New York and I will be Chris brown’s personal chef during his tour.

Were you born and raised in the US?

Chef Ali: No, actually I was born and raised in Nairobi went to EastLeigh High school. I have also lived in Mombasa that is Ganjoni but  I spent most of my life in Nairobi.

                                                       How did you end up working in the US?
Ali Pandey doing what he loves best.PHOTO: COURTESY.
Ali Pandey doing what he loves best.PHOTO: COURTESY.

I worked at the Norfolk  hotel  where i received my training and obtained my  Culinary Certificate and I was also a chef at the Mayfair hotel before I left for the US in 1995.

In the second week of landing in America I was hired by a company that is partly owned by Shaquille  O’neal,  Official All Star Cafe, as a  as Junior Sous Chef.

Brian: So What is  Chris going to have while in  Mombasa?

Chef Ali shares a selfie with fan Keith Mwambonu.
Chef Ali with (fan) Keith Mwambonu  sharing a moment

Chef Ali: Mombasa is very  rich in spices and food. Definitely we would want him to try the indigenous food and appreciate it. So I want to in corporate a few dishes with some sea food also vegetables such as mchicha sukuma wiki; we will incorporate more stuff but also not shy away from others.

Brian: Does he have any special food that he said would love to try?

Chef Ali: Not Yet. We haven’t discussed that but he doesn’t eat pork, beef; in short he doesn’t eat red meat.

Brian: What’s your favorite food?

Chef Ali: I love Mexican cuisine, Swahili dishes; it’s very rich in flavor and aroma which is almost similar to Indian but spicy.

Brian: Any expectations?

Chef Ali: Having worked with many other celebrities in the US; I believe he will enjoy the food here in Mombasa