Upclose and personal with Mombasa’s music star Nyota Ndogo

Upclose and personal with Mombasa’s music star Nyota Ndogo

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She is one of the music pioneers in Mombasa with hits like “Watu na Viatu”  “Wangu” and so many more, with most of her songs focusing on life experience; no doubt she is a household name.

Every where you go to in Mombasa, very few don’t know who Nyota is and many know how she began as a house help to rise to the star she is today.

Baraka FM’s Mwanatum Salim managed to get a hold of the beautiful Nyota Ndogo and did a one on one with her; where she talks of who Nyota is and some of her personal issues that have affected her music career.

Mwanatum: Who  is Nyota ndogo?

Nyota: I am a singer for almost over 16 good years who is also a mother and a wife.

Mwanatum: You have a unique stage name.Why Nyota Ndogo?

Nyota: Well I was nick named by my fellow musicians who were ahead of me  and they decided to call me that name because of my broad voice that symbolized a great star to them; my shortness also contributed to the name. So this gave birth to  “Nyota Ndogo”.

Mwanatum: How was Nyota when she was 10-years-old?

Nyota: I was just humble and talked less and this led to people calling me “zuzu”.They never knew that one day I could be a singer.

Mwanatum: Humble, Talks less; this is not usually the case with most kids who want to pursue music.What made you choose music? 

Nyota: (smiles…)Well I think I talk a lot nowadays compared to my childhood days; I became talkative as I grew older. Interesting enough, is that my dad is a musician plus my elder brother but funny enough I never thought I would do music, it just happened.

Mwanatum: You were once a house help years back and previously you have been quoted saying that this actually contributed to you becoming a musician. Tell us more about this.

Nyota: I used to work in Nyali for a couple who  used to laugh at me because they usually saw me with so many papers which used to have songs that I had written. They would wonder what I do with all those papers, but  I used to tell them that with these papers, one day you shall see me on TV.