Mombasa’s presenter Billy Miya shares his jail experience and love life

Mombasa’s presenter Billy Miya shares his jail experience and love life

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He entertains you every morning on 95.5 Baraka FM during The Mega Breakfast show that comes every Monday to Friday 8-10 am.

Did you know that he considers himself a very faithful husband despite being portrayed as  King of team mafisi Mombasa county? And did you know he was once put behind bars?

Baraka FM’s Brian Osweta did a one on one with  Billy Miya and he shared his life experience.

Brian: Who is Billy Miya?

Billy:  Billy is a 30-year-old father of three. My first born is a son, second born daughter and last born is  a son  and  am also not afraid to say that am very handsome; God took time to create me. I am someone who loves life.

Brian: How can you describe Billy when he  was 10-years-old ?

Billy: I was this naive young man who was very protective of my siblings. For instance, they use to call me bouncer; because when somebody would mess up with my siblings I would not hesitate to beat them up.

This actually made me get a scar on my left shoulder that is still have up to date.

Brian: What caused the scar?

Billy: My brother had been beaten up by his friend and as usual I went to defend him and so in the process of fighting the boy who beat him up, unfortunately he had a razor blade with him and he cut me; in return I bled profusely. Luckily I was taken to the hospital and I got this scar.

Brian: How many are you in your family?

We are a family of four; two boys two girls, me being the first born.

Brian : Where did you attend your high school?

Billy: I was in Tudor day for a year then my parents decided to send me to upcountry, as they believed education is better on those sides.

The school was was nicknamed “Kafira High”  but  the real name is our lady of Mercy Ringa Boys; that’s where I cleared high school.

Brian: You have been termed by many as a ladies man and a player, could this be stemming from your high school considering it’s nick name? And are you one?

Billy: (Laughs) When I used to be a presenter at Pwani FM back in the days, I realized my listeners love ladies and so I approached a lady by the name Binti Uk who had a lovely voice and told her to be calling in then we act as love birds. It really worked and from there,  I created the   “Player” character, that up to date people find it hard to separate the real Billy and the on-air Billy.

Also, am very free with ladies and I always like if they are treated well; as I believe if I treat them well my daughter or sister will be treated very well.

Brian:  So is Billy married?