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Terror suspect charged for being in possession of explosives

Feruz Hamid Abubakar and herlawyer Chacha Mwita during at the court in Mombasa. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: A 30-year-old woman was on Friday charged in a Mombasa court for allegedly being in possession of explosives.

Court heard that on 7th January 2017, Feruz Hamid Abubakar was found to be in possession of four electric detonators and two explosive boosters.

Ms Feruz was arrested on Monday at 2:00 PM in her home located in Bondeni area within Mombasa County.

It is alleged that the accused person intended to use explosives in commissioning terrorist acts in the country.

She was also charged with six other charges of being in possession of other person’s Identity Cards.

The facts were that on 7th January 2017,at Floringi area in Bondeni within Mombasa county,Ms Feruz was found to be in possession of other person’s identity cards which she could not account for.

She pleaded not guilty to all the charges before Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakweba.

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Court will on Monday determine whether she will be granted bond terms.

Governor Joho arrested along with other Coast MPs

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharriff Nassir have been arrested and are currently being held at the police station.

Mombasa Lawyer Mohammed Balala on Friday confirmed to Baraka FM that Kisauni Mp Rashid Bedzimba together with Msambweni MP Suleiman Dori Ramadhani are also being held at the Regional police headquaters.

Earlier on Friday, Governor Joho addressing journalists outside Aga Khan hospital, claimed that his relatives and friends have been frustrated and attacked by security officials to get back at him.

Joho stated that a friend’s house was raided by police claiming to be searching for illegal firearms.

According to Balala who is also Joho’s lawyer, the governor, together with ten MCAs from Lamu and Mombasa Counties, arrived at the police station to enquire about his friend, only for him to be arrested.

He said that police are yet to give concrete reasons for Joho’s ally arrest, adding the Governor had only gone to the station to demand an explanation as to why his ally, Ibrahim Iktar, had been arrested after his house in Ganjoni was raided by authorities Friday morning.

Balala says authorities claimed “orders from above” demanded that the Mombasa Governor spends the night in police cells.

He added that he unsuccessfully tried to talk to police at the station to grant Joho and his colleagues a release on bond but he wasnt successful.

Akasha sons charged in court for fighting in public

Mombasa, KENYA: The three sons of slain drug baron Ibrahim Akasha and a foreigner on Friday were charged in a Mombasa court for allegedly fighting in public.

Baktash Akasha, Ibrahim Akasha, Abbdulsalam Akasha and Vijagiri Goswami allegedly fought tycoon Ali Punjani on the night of 31st December 2016.

The incident occurred at Rahjan bar and restaurant in Kisauni area within Mombasa County.

All the four accused persons pleaded not guilty before Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakweba.

Mr. Nyakweba released them on a cash bail of sh.20,000 each and case set for hearing on 3rd April.

Baktash, Ibrahim and Goswami are currently facing an  extradition case to the US court; on drug trafficking charges.

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Families spend night in the cold after houses demolished

Kwale, KENYA: More than ten families in Mililani Village, Msambweni in Kwale County on Thursday spent the night in the cold, after their houses were allegedly demolished by police officers.

This is said to have  happened after a private developer who claims to own the settlement scheme land allegedly directed police to do the mass destruction.

One of the residents Salim chilungu said they were allocated the land back 1977 but the developer has visited the area three times setting the houses on fire.

“Last year they just came from nowhere and torched our four houses. It really pains me that as it happens no leader has come forward to fight for us,” he said.

Chilungu explained that few years ago when they went to search for their title deeds they were told to wait a little bit but later on found out that the land was bearing other peoples’ names.

Saumu Mwasanzuwa could not control her emotions as she explained what transpired during the incident

“They came here and broke our house, burnt it and went ahead to cut all the trees in the farm,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She added that during the incident she also lost clothes and school uniforms belonging to her children.

“I have stayed here for around fifty years cultivating this land. I hear that she has bought this plot but she would have just approached us in a good way,” she added.

Saumu noted that although the incident has happened severally, this one was most severe as they have also lost their domestic animals.

“Last year they came and did the same. Right now the damage has been bad. My cows, chicken and eggs have also gone” she said.

Kwale OCPD Partick Oduma confirmed to Baraka FM that the shamba had a case since 2012 and by October 2015 the businessman won the case at the Kwale court.

He said the residents ignored following a command of parting the place and they even tortured police last year.

This lead to the area OCS implementing  the court order where the work of the police was only to provide security unlike burning the place as it was earlier said.


Bandari planning to axe more players after dropping nine

Bandari FC players celebrates victory in a past match. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Coast based Kenya Premier League club Bandari FC is planning to part ways with more players barely two days after axing a total of nine from its ranks.

Club’s media liaison officer Abdulrahman Mohamed confirmed to Baraka FM on Friday that head coach Paul Nkata has ordered for the release of more players he feels are not fit for his system.

‘’The coach has identified several players he wants the club to offload, having assessed them he is convinced they are not good enough to represent the club,’’ he said.

Mohammed further disclosed the club is in talks with a number of players and that could soon unveil its new recruits before the January transfer window elapses on 31st January 2017.

‘’We are in the process of finalizing contract details for a number of players, some are from other clubs while others impressed during the trials we conducted last week,’’ he added.

Bandari on Thursday trimmed its squad by letting go of nine players among them 2019 Kenya Premier League midfielder of the year award winner Anthony Kimani whom the club declined to renew his expired contract.

Also axed were Ugandan striker George Abege, goalkeeper Kennedy Onyanch, David Gateri, Khamisi Mwamzandi, Abbas Muhiddin, Victor Ndinya and Eric Kibisu.

Centum investments to launch construction of Vipingo Mega City

Centum chief executive officer James Mworia at the Two Rivers construction site in Kilfi. The mall is tipped to be Kenya’s biggest on completion. PHOTO: COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: NSE-listed investment company Centum  in the verge of launching the construction of Vipingo Mega City in Kilifi County early this year.

This comes after the company came to terms with the residents and owners of the area, in regard to the land dispute which took center stage for quite some time last year.

Dr. James Mworia, the company’s Chief Executive Officer told Baraka FM on Thursday that architects are in the final stages of designing the construction plan.

Among the constructions are Vipingo Vocational training Institute, Industrial park and infrastructure development covering 10,254 acres.

Speaking in Kilifi, Dr Mworia said the ground breaking ceremony for the training institute, the industrial park and the infrastructure development is scheduled for early this year, while other development programs slated in the project will continue later as it commences.

“We are in the final stages of designing the construction plan for the Mega City and have already marked the setup of the Vipingo vocational training institute as the first component and ground breaking will be launched sooner than later,” said Dr. Mworia.

He said some other interested stakeholders have expressed their interest  on the industrial park, which he said had received overwhelming support from other investors.

“We have people who are ready to join hands and set up industries in this project, we are also looking at the infrastructure targeting to desalinate sea water so that it can be safe for human consumption,” he added.

Dr. Mworia added that the project which has been termed as one of the biggest in Africa, is expected to take several years before completion, since there will be other stakeholders who are expected to invest in it in the future.

Centum Investment Committee chairman Chris Kirubi said the multi-billion project will revolutionize Kilifi County and make it the top investment hub county in the Coast region.

“The training institute and all other projects that will be undertaken by Centum will bring great change to the lives of the people of Kilifi, the entire country and the world,” Dr. Kirubi said.

He said people of Kilifi should not stagnant in development but allow opportunities to change their lives.

“Do you want to remain in the days of David Livingstone and John Speck? No you must move forward in development and instead of calling yourselves Kilifians, shun that to call yourselves Kenyans,” added Kirubi

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi said the county had so far signed several agreements with investors totaling to more than Sh 3.5 billion since last year.

“The opportunities that are in greater Kilifi County have started to emerge. Recently we signed over four agreements with various investors who want to do business in Kilifi including a Chinese firm which is investing Sh2.5 billion in fruits and vegetable processing,” said Kingi.

Drama as police raid building in Nyali in search of firearms

Krish plaza building in Nyali where police conducted a raid on Friday. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Flying squad police officers were on Friday seen raiding Krish plaza situated at Nyali area in Mombasa; in what was believed to be a crackdown of illegal firearms.

Witnesses say several cars belonging to undercover police were seen entering the building’s compound and some of the workers at the building told reporters the officers previously had taken over the first and second floor; before they were told the firearms store is at the underground floor.

Mombasa Inspectorate Director Nahid Musa who is the owner of the gun store termed the raid as a normal operation that had been ongoing ever since he joined the business 30 years ago.

“Inspection is done after every 3 months and the officer’s were taking records of the firearms.They were checking what kind of firearms were being sold at the store.” Said Musa.

He added that every gun coming to Kenya is checked by the firearm bureau and that inspection normally takes 6 hours.

The raid comes barely a day after Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa said an exercise to disarm all illegal gun owners was underway; citing Nyali as a one of the notorious areas.

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Kenya to battle Ghana in 2019 AFCON qualifiers

Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama tussles for the ball with Zambian skipper Rainford Kalaba. PHOTO: COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: National men’s soccer team Harambee Stars will battle giants Black Stars of Ghana in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

According to the draw, the two are pitted in Group F alongside Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

The Pooling came out barely hours after the releasing of World FIFA Rankings on Thursday where Kenya is placed 87 globally while Ghana sits 54.

Meanwhile, neighbors Uganda and Tanzania will face off in Group L together with Cape Verde and Lesotho.

Defending champions Ivory Coast are in Group H alongside Guinea, Central African Republic and Rwanda.

There are a total of 12 Groups where group winners and the three best runners-up will join hosts Cameroon for the 2019 continental showpiece which will be the 32nd edition.

The 31st edition kicks off this Saturday in Gabon.
Full Draw

Group A: Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Sao Tome/Madagascar
Group B: Cameroon, Morocco, Malawi, Comoros/Mauritius
Group C: Mali, Gabon, Burundi, Djibouti/South Sudan
Group D: Algeria, Togo, Benin, Gambia
Group E: Nigeria, South Africa, Libya, Seychelles
Group F: Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya
Group G: DR Congo, Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia
Group H: Ivory Coast, Guinea, Central African Republic, Rwanda
Group I: Burkina Faso, Angola, Botswana, Mauritania
Group J: Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Swaziland
Group K: Zambia, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia
Group L: Cape Verde, Uganda, Tanzania, Lesotho

Suspected drug baron arrested in Likoni

Mombasa,KENYA: Police in Likoni on Thursday evening arrested a suspected  drug baron, after laying a trap for him.

The suspect Mohammed Mohammed Tenga,24, was intercepted by undercover detectives around Inuka police station.

According to police sources, the suspect who has been in police watch for a long time following intelligence reports,was lured to sell some of the heroine drugs to the officers who later arrested him.

Police found several sachets believed to be heroine and sh. 12000 on him, which they believe is money that was obtained after the sell of drugs.

Police sources told Baraka FM the suspect was to be handed over to anti-terror and anti-narcotics police for interrogation to determine  if he was linked to terror activities.

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Likoni police chief Willy Simba confirmed the arrest of the suspect saying the fight against drugs in the sub-county was in top gear.


Polisi Mombasa yamkamata mshukiwa mkuu wa ulanguzi wa mihadarati

Mombasa,KENYA:Idara ya polisi mjini Mombasa inasema imemkamata mshukiwa mkuu wa ulanguzi wa dawa za kulevya na kupata maelfu ya pesa zinazoshukiwa zinatokana na mauzo ya dawa hizo eneo la Likoni.

Mshukiwa alitambulika kama Mohamed Tenga na kulingana na polisi alikamatwa eneo la Approved karibu na kituo cha polisi cha Inuka, akiwa na misokoto kadhaa ya dawa za kulevya aina heroine pamoja na shilingi elfu 12.

Mkuu wa polisi wilayani Likoni Willy Simba alisema mshukiwa amekuwa katika orodha ya washukiwa wanaosakwa na maafisa wa usalama, kwa kuhusishwa na ulanguzi wa dawa za kulevya.

Mshukiwa atafikishwa mahakamani kufunguliwa mashtaka.

Imehaririwa na Joseph Jira