Mvita MP Mohamed Machele rejects SRC salary increments

Mvita MP Mohamed Soud Machele./COURTESY

Mvita Member of Parliament Mohamed Soud Machele is among the legislatures who have rejected the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) increment for MPs and other state officers.

Machele rejected the new increment saying there were more important issues currently affecting the country.

“There are more pressing and crucial matters that need to be addressed by the executive and collectively to secure the future of our country, and I can guarantee you that salary increment for MPs and government officials is not one of them,” said MP Machele.

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Other legislatures who have rejected the increase include Eldas MP Dr. Adan Keynan, Embakasi East MP Dr. Babu Owino, and Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor also known as Jalang’o.

“This unwarranted action by the Mrs. Lyn Mengich-led commission is grossly insensitive, tone-deaf and should be loudly condemned and unequivocally declined,” said Dr. Keynan.

“MPs and other state officers should not be added even a coin. It’s sad to increase salary while Kenyans have no jobs, Kenyans have no capital to start businesses, and Kenyans have no money to pay school fees or medication. Say NO to salary increment,” said Babu Owino.

“There are things that almost look like a setup! We are in a crisis and SRC is proposing an increment of 14K ! Yaani mnataka tupigwe tukufe ndio mfurahi? Mimi sitaki!” wrote Jalang’o on his social media platform.

In the proposal, MPs and Senators would go home with sh.14k more, Governors and Cabinet Secretaries with sh.33k more, and Inspector General with over sh.27k more, among others.