Kenyans are ready to pay public debt through pay bill,says analyst


Kenyans are ready to contribute money through a paybill to pay the public debt.

Mombasa based Political analyst Peter Kimwele says Kenyans suggested the plan to government with no response.

Kimwele says Kenyans don’t want taxes raised hence they are ready to pay the external debt.

“Each morning we can be sending 10 bob, 20 those capable can send 200 or more/Within a year we can pay off this debt provided it’s not government that controls that pay bill”, he said.

Speaking during morning interview at Baraka fm, he says countries like South Korea once paid their public debt through citizen initiative.

“People were giving out Gold, items, Money and even Land to offset the debt and now they are free”, he claimed.

Kimwele further accused President William Ruto of not listening to Kenyans leading to demonstrations led by the Gen z.

“Ruto should tone down and listen to the youths of this country instead of chest-thumping. There was no need for that interview he had on Sunday,” he added.

According Kimwele who vied for Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat for Ziwa la Ng’ombe in last year’s general election, president Ruto risks being a one-term president.

“These Gen Zs are not loyal to our old ways of doing politics. They are loyal to their needs. Kenya has 22 million young people who if they decide to participate in 2027 elections, Ruto will go home”, he added.