Call for unity as Muslims celebrate Eid


Muslims have been urged to live in unity despite differences in opinions.

Speaking on Sunday during Eid al-Adha prayers at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa, Chief Kadhi Abdulhalim Hussein called on Muslims in the country to put aside any differences and live as one.

“We know there are different groups and some will be marking Eid al-Adha tomorrow, let us come together as brothers because we are all Muslims and we need to live in unity. Islam is about unity,” said the Chief Kadhi.

His words were echoed by Sheikh Dr. Islam Muhammad Salim who led Eid prayers at the Ummu Kulthum mosque.

“People can have different opinions but as muslims we need to remain united. We can disagree on certain matters but in the end, we are all Muslims and should live as one,” said Dr. Islam.

Their sentiments come even as the Fatwa Council Eid al-Adha date varied from the one announced by Chief Kadhi.

Speaking at Tononoka Grounds, Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) National Chair Sheikh Juma Ngao urged the Kenya Fatwa Council to let Chief Kadhi do his work.

“The Chief Kadhi position is enshrined in the constitution and that office is more than 70 years old. Issues to do with announcing the citing of the moon are all on the Chief Kadhi. We cannot start following the Fatwa Council that is only a year old, we have to listen to the Chief Kadhi,” said Sheikh Juma Ngao.

He advised the Council to stick to their roles.