AKF making learning fun through play


Teachers are incorporating play in their day to day lessons to make it easier for learners to understand what they are taught in class.

Speaking in Mombasa during the commemoration of the International Day of Play, Christine Adera, a teacher at Fathil adhim ECD in Nyali sub-county said using number puzzles and other games has helped learners grasp more mathematical content.

“We came up with a lot of games to help learners capture information when it is being taught in classrooms. We had to sit with the parents and the learners themselves to develop materials for play hence ensuring there is active engagement from all parties,” said Christine.

Incorporating play has made learning fun and reduced truancy.

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Samira Mangala is a teacher from Guru Nanak ECD.

“We realised that learning was not fun, that is why we decided to include. At first found it a bit challenging because we did not have the play materials but by making them in class with the learners we realised the lessons were very engaging,” said Samira.

She commended the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) saying it had a lot of engagement activities foe learners compared to the 8-4-4 system.

Hamisi Juma, a parent from Likoni says learning through play has imrpoved his three-year-old daughter’s cognitive skills.

“I have seen great difference. I can have meaningful conversations with her and sometimes even neighbours are amazed. She also has some thinking capacity and has gained confidence in herself,” said Hamisi.

“During our times, it was just books, but now things have been made easier through play. It has developed their talents. I urge parents to not only let their children play but also get involved because it is not just play, there is learning in it,” he added.

The International Day of Play celebrations held in Mombasa was organised by the Aga Khan Foundation which facilitates learning through play through the Education Improvement Programme.

“AKF Education Improvement Programme (EIP) advocates on the philosophy that learning through play significantly enhances the educational experience, and peovides a wonderful opportunity to witness first hand the transformative power of play in our learners development,” said Lawrence Baya from AKF.