KEPSA calls for favourable legislation to spur growth



Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has urged for favourable legislation that will strengthen and spur the growth of businesses in the country.

Speaking in Mombasa during a forum bringing together the private sector and senate, KEPSA Chairman Mr. Jaswinder Bedi said for a long time the business sector has been faced with poor legislation that hinder operations.

“This forum should aim at improving the country’s business competitiveness for  creation of wealth, jobs and inclusive prosperity in Kenya’, he said.

On his part, senate majority leader Mr. Aaron Cheruiyot pledged to ensure legislators  draft laws that favour the operations of the businesses in our counties.” He said.

Cheruiyot added that the laws will be a confidence booster to foreign investors who are eyeing the Kenyan cake.

“We will have more of investors in our country which will lead to the increase of our GDP as far as economy is concerned”, he said.