Mombasa woman arraigned in court for beating up neighbor

A court mallet.


A Mombasa woman was on Wednesday arraigned in court for beating up her neighbor.

The accused, identified only as Rose, is said to have attacked her neighbor on Friday the 17th of February, 2023 while she was taking out the trash.

Schola Mutheu from Chaani told the court on Wednesday that the accused physically attacked her while she was throwing out the garbage at around 7 am on the said day.

She claimed that while she was throwing out garbage, the accused attacked her from behind and strangled her.

“I managed to break free after struggling for a while and ran to call our landlady who owns a business nearby. Rose continued to attack me and even injured my left eye,” Schola told the court.

A man walking by separated the two after the landlady’s attempts to do the same failed.

The complainant claims she proceeded to Coast General Hospital in Chaani and then later to Changamwe Police Station to report the matter.

At Changamwe police station she was referred to Chaani police station.

“On March 9/3/2023 I went to Port Reiz Hospital for further medical assistance after which I was issued a P3 form,” Schola told the court.

The matter was adjourned and will be heard on 5th July 2023.