Mombasa CSO raises concerns over increased pollution in Kibarani



Activists in Mombasa County have raised concerns over the increased pollution in Kibarani, Jomvu sub-county.

While commemorating World Environment Day in Kibarani, Haki Yetu Land Department’s Coordinator John Obonyo reiterated that pollution from the industries in the area has led to health problems among the residents.

“There are increased cases of tuberculosis victims in Kibarani, based on the local clinic records there is also increased miscarriage among women,” said Obonyo.

He alleged that industry owners in the area have continuously ignored the National Environmental Management Authority regulations in their operations leaving residents vulnerable to the impacts of wastes from the industries.

“As a Non-Governmental Organization we cannot just sit back and watch residents suffer, we are going to remind NEMA and any other stakeholder of their duties,” highlighted Obonyo.

According to Obonyo, Kibarani is one of the informal neighborhoods hugely affected by clinker emissions.

He called on the government and other stakeholders to invest in public education on the environment to mitigate the impact of climate change, saying that poverty and lack of public education on the environment are among the major setbacks in environment protection.

Learners take part in the tree planting exercise while marking World Environment Day in Mombasa’s Kibarani area./COURTESY

To mark World Environment Day 2023 Haki Yetu joined the Kibarani community in planting 600 mangrove and 50 blue gum seedlings.

Speaking during the event, Jomvu constituency CDF Secretary Ganatra Robert Okochi urged the youth to fully take part in environment protection.

“I want to ask youths from all other places to join registered groups and write proposals for environmental protection initiatives and as the leaders, we will provide the necessary support,” said Okochi.

World Environment Day is celebrated every 5th June. This year’s theme was a Solution to plastic pollution.