Raila is a ‘Killer of democracy,’ claims Senator Miraj Abdillahi

Nominated Senator Miraj Abdillahi Abdulrahman./COURTESY

Mombasa Nominated Senator Miraj Abdilahi has accused Azimio Leader Raila Odinga of using his election loss as a step towards a ‘Handshake’ with duly elected authorities.

She noted that there is no reason for the Azimio Leader to participate in an election that he always claims is conducted unfairly.

 “The protests Raila leads do not benefit our locals in the Coast region. I urge you to ignore such protests,” she pointed out.

She added that Coast locals should not participate in Raila’s demonstrations, saying the demos negatively impact the economy.

The senator called on Kenyans to rally behind President William Ruto saying he was the duly elected leader.

“We held an election and the majority of Kenyans duly elected President Ruto. What Raila is doing is unfair,” she noted.