I was the biggest ‘Kinuthia’, says Andrew Kibe


Controversial podcaster and former radio host Andrew Kibe has opened up on his past life saying he was a ‘lambistic’, man whose thoughts and actions were controlled by the opinions and expectations of others.

Speaking on his podcast Kibe advised young people to be in control of their life and not let others, mostly parents dictate their every move.

“I was the biggest Kinuthia, a mama’s boy. I used to call my mother every time I faced a hurdle in life. We used to talk over the phone and gossip until one day I almost made her fall because I didn’t want that life anymore,” he said.

The media personality who now resides in the United States further explained that Kenyan life is set up in a way that one’s life is controlled from a young age and when a person finally finds themselves, it is usually very late after making many wrong decisions.

Your folks know when your life is changing and mostly is by your looks and when you go to those family functions they ask why you haven’t introduced a partner yet and then you start to look for someone who they find fit for you and so it’s never about you”

He added that after a while they feel that they have a copycat of their mother in the house as a wife dictating their life and now they can’t take it anymore is when now they start to research if they can walk out of a marriage or relationship after wasting a lot of time.

The outspoken man however warned men who are thinking of walking out on their relationships saying it is never easy. He said;

“You have to squash that ego of yours and start afresh. You have to look forward to sleeping on a mattress because that’s the price you pay for not having control of your life and doing things for people and not for yourself,” the former radio presenter said.

He weighed in on the XtianDela issue with his estranged mother after she accused the blogger of cutting ties with his family.

Kibe pointed out the mother was toxic and for her to talk about her son on national media platforms explains why Xtian doesn’t want anything to do with her. Kibe added that the language she used was very manipulative and her son has every reason not to be involved with her.