Former Buxton residents cry foul over Buxton Housing Project

Former Buxton residents protest in Mombasa./COURTESY


Two years since being evicted from their homes for the construction of the Buxton housing project, former Buxton residents have come out to protest in what they term as unlawful eviction.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, the group, through their advocate Munira Ali Omar said the Buxton public land was unlawfully leased to Buxton Point Apartments Limited for individual and not public interest.

They added that the housing project had not benefitted low-income Kenyans.

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“Buxton Point Apartment Limited {Investor} has a share of 90% (1,665 units) of total 1,850 Buxton Housing units and the county government of Mombasa’s share has been reduced to 10% (185units) and so we wonder is the government providing housing or increasing homelessness,” said Advocate Munira.

Buxton housing project./COURTESY

Joined in their protests with Haki Yetu Organization, the group claimed that affordable and decent housing has remained nothing but a pipedream to Buxton evictees and other low-income Kenyans.

They have asked the new Senate to finalize their investigations so as to give them a way forward.