30 percent of Kenyans betting

At least 30 percent of Kenyans betting./COURTESY

30 percent of Kenyans are engaged in betting.

According to the ‘State of Kenya’s Media Report 2022‘, 31 percent bet once a week, 25 percent once a day, 19 percent rarely bet while 18 percent bet more than once a day, and seven percent bet once a month.

The report, released by the Media Council of Kenya during the World Radio celebrations in Mombasa, also indicates that betting advertisements in the media were a factor in how people bet.

Kenyans not betting as much as they used to

“This is now the impact of the media, half of the people say they only got into betting because of an advert. others bet because of peer pressure, just because someone they know bet and won,” said Media Council of Kenya CEO David Omwoyo.

When asked if media should be directly involved in betting, 59 percent said ‘yes’ while 41 percent said ‘no’.