Your days are numbered, CS Wahome warns water cartels

Water and Irrigation CS Alice Wahome answers questions raised by senators during the plenary session when she appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries induction in Mombasa./COURTESY

The Ministry of Water will be registering all water bowsers.

Speaking while appearing before the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Mombasa, Water CS Alice Wahome said the move will help in dealing with cartels in the water sector.

“We will register everyone who wants to sell water through bowsers so that we can also regulate the prices which are very high,” said CS Wahome.

The Water CS said the Ministry, through the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), will regulate the price of water per bowser to make the water business unprofitable.

“The cartels are businessmen and every town has a cartel in the water sector. The worst ones are the ones who destroy the government’s infrastructure so that there is no water in the system and they can sell through their bowsers,” said Wahome.

A water bowser truck./COURTESY

“They are destroying government installations for them to get a chance to sell water at high prices during shortage. We will go after them and close down their business because that is stealing,” she added.