Mr. America Meshack Ochieng’ sad over state of bodybuilding in Kenya

Kenya bodybuilder Meshack Ochieng' photo: Meshack Ochieng'

USA-based Kenyan bodybuilding champion Meshack Ochieng has decried the state of the sport in the country.

Speaking during a radio interview at Baraka FM, Ochieng blamed the government for the lack of a federation to manage and promote the sport.

He says lacking a federation has killed the bodybuilding sport despite its potential to uplift the lives of Kenyans.

The Kisumu-born athlete also pitied upcoming bodybuilders in Kenya who are grappling with a lack of training facilities.

“There no training facilities like gyms that aspiring bodybuilders can train apart from a few gym equipments”, he stated.

Ochieng’ who recently won Mr. America, says he has trained for 20 years to reach the top.

He also cautioned aspiring bodybuilders against hard training before having a proper training regime.

“Please do not carry heavy weights at the gym because you want to show -off. Just be modest to avoid injuries”, he added.