Is Mombasa experiencing meat shortage?


You will likely not eat meat this festive season or find it very expensive if you are in Mombasa County.

Mombasa County is facing a meat shortage in the markets known for selling meat.

At Marikiti market in Mombasa Town, traders have decried low business saying they don’t have meat to sell.

Speaking exclusively to Baraka FM, Marikiti Traders Association chair Arif Bagazan, said they hardly receive any meat from Mariakani slaughterhouse.

Gbazan says they are experiencing a shortage of beef and mutton.

“Sometimes we get beef to sell, sometimes we don’t. As we speak, I can confidently say we might be facing a meat shortage in Mombasa”, he said.

He also wants customers to bare with new prices saying supply and demand dictate the prices.

“ Don’t complain because we have no option but to increase our prices of beef and mutton”, he stated.

Marikiti market supplies meat to most households in Mombasa town, butcheries and eateries.