Address PWD’s stigma, Kilifi County told

Kilifi County urged to sensitize community on PWD./COURTESY

The county government of Kilifi has been urged to sensitize the community on what is believed to be ‘stigmatization’ towards people with disabilities.

This is according to Dream Achievers Youth Organisation programs officer Betty Mtuweta.

”Kilifi as a county should sensitize the community on the challenges that PWDs face, there are several challenges that they face.

Mtuweta was addressing a PWD sensitization forum in Kilifi county recently.

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She said the move will ensure that challenges facing PWDs are adequately addressed.

”Most of them face a lot of stigma and discrimination when accessing services in health facilities,” Mtuweta pointed out.

Mtuweta, however, asked the county government to collaborate with other stakeholders to sensitize the community on the challenges PWDs face.

At the same time, Kilifi County HIV and Reproductive Health officer Gladys Etemesi wants the county to conduct and keep accurate data on people with disabilities.

”There is a need for the county to conduct a data collection survey. The data will enable the county to plan for all PWDs within the county,” she noted.

Gladys Etemesi said that the county health department will soon conduct an accurate data collection of PWDs within the county.