Know the whereabouts of your children, religious leaders tell parents

Members of the Coast Interfaith Council Trust while addressing the press in Mombasa on Saturday 6th August, 2022./Joyce Jura

Religious leaders in Mombasa have urged parents to know the whereabouts of their children during the elections.

While addressing the media at the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust offices in Mombasa, the leaders drawn from various religions called on parents to ensure their children are protected from political misuse.

“We are aware of youths and teenagers already recruited for violence. All parents to remain aware of their children’s movements and engagements especially this during political period,” said Mombasa Archbishop Michael Kivuva.

The leaders called on Kenyans to maintain peace during and after the Tuesday 9th August general elections.

“Elections are important for our democratic society and the nation is bigger than each of us. There will be Kenya after August 9th 2022. Let peace reign in our heart, in every homestead and every corner of our country,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

They also called on leaders to shun from activities that will compromise the credibility of the election process, such as voter bribery.

“As we appreciate the intense political competition for the limited seats we call upon all aspirants to prepare for any eventuality, namely, winning or losing,” said the Council.

Meanwhile, Catholic faithfuls across the country are observing an election triduum, a three-day special prayer ahead of the elections on Tuesday.