Keep your sexual life private, Kenyans tell the Bahatis

Diana Marua and Bahati./COURTESY

Kenyans on social media have asked female rapper Diana Marua and her husband Kevin Bahati to keep their sexual lives private.

The couple who are both musicians and social media content creators have lived their marriage lives in the limelight updating netizens on their day to day lives.

But it seems like Kenyans do not want to know about their bedroom activities.

Kenyans on social media now want the two to keep their sexual lives to themselves.

This is after Bahati’s confession of how Diana Marua had kept him on a dry spell, allegations Diana did not deny.

“He wants it everyday so I decided to put him on a break for one week,” said Diana.

The confessions elicited different reactions from Kenyans, some of the comments are below:

Marua, who is expecting her third child also got Kenyans reaction by telling Bahati to consider getting a vasectomy.

She said her current pregnancy was not planned.