Mike Tyson says his life may be coming to an end

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson./COURTESY


Former American professional boxer Mike Tyson says his life may soon be coming to an end.

Speaking with his therapist Sean McFarland in his podcast ‘hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’, the former World boxing champion said he does not worry about death because everyone is going to die one day.

“When I look in the mirror and see those little spots on my face and I say, wow, perhaps my expiration date is coming close really soon,” said Mike Tyson.

During the podcast Tyson also spoke on his opinion about money and his relationship with God.

“Some people want to analyze their success, which is ridiculous. We are all going to die, one day of course,” he said.

Tyson said the most important thing is not the money but one’s relationship with God.

“No one gives God his credit. You know we are all ego driven thinking that we could navigate our way through this world without getting on our knees,” Tyson said.

“Everything that I have learned from life; my books, my movies, my travels and stuff, it all comes down to getting on your knees,” he added.