Petition to bar Governors from Senate seat filed in Mombasa court

A petition to bar governors from running for Senatorial and Parliamentary seats was on Friday mentioned at the Mombasa High Court./COURTESY

A petition seeking to bar former governors from vying for Senate and National Assembly seats in the August 9th polls has been mentioned at the high Court of Mombasa.

The case was filed at the Mombasa High Court on February 8th by Caroline Chilango and Coast Legal Aids and Resource Foundation (CLARF).

The petitioner, Caroline Chilango argues that if former governors are elected senators, they will interfere with the Senate’s oversight role over the county governments.

Judge John Mativo directed that Respondents have 14 days to file and serve their responses.

After that the petitioners are to file and serve any reply together with written submissions.

Both parties are required to file submissions within 7 days.

However, the Attorney General upon request was given 14 days within which to file submissions.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is cited as the first respondent, the Speakers of the Senate and National Assembly as the second and third respondents, respectively. The Council of Governors is named the fourth respondent and the Attorney General is the fifth respondent.

The petition will be coming up for judgement on 26th May 2022.