I’ve helped TZ artists in song writing-Dogo Richie

Dogo Richie

Mombasa legendary singer Dogo Richie says he helped write some songs for Bongo Flava artists from neighbouring Tanzanian.

Speaking during an interview at Baraka FM, Dogo Richie remembers writing some lines for the late Sam Wa Ukweli on his “Kisiki” song which did well on the charts.

He says the bongo artist, liked his voice when he had him churn some lines in a studio at the time.

“He was in another studio room while i was trying my vocals. Sam Wa Ukweli came in rushing wanting to see the artist with a voice similar to him”, Remembers Dogo Richie.

According to Dogo Richie, their friendship hit it off from that studio encounter leading to Sam Wa Ukweli asking him to right some music lines for him.

” My first work with him was on the Kisiki song and other projects. Sam Wa Ukweli was my role model despite us starting our music journey almost the same time.

Dogo Richie also revealed that they had planned to collaborate more on music with Sam Wa Ukweli.

” Its unfortunate that he died when we were thinking of producing a video for the Kisiki song”, he added.

The Bin Laden hitmaker also says he helped in mastering and offering professional advise to Alikiba’s songs such as Aje and Cheketua.

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