Coast counties urged to implement reproductive health policy

An African mother and her infant. PHOTO COURTESY

Coast counties have been urged to implement the reproductive health policy to enable locals easily access reproductive health services.

Speaking to the press in Mombasa, Network for Adolescents Youth of Africa Executive Director (N AYA)Victor Rasugu said should counties fully implement the policy, cases of inadequacy of reproductive health care services shall not be witnessed.

“The policies are there but the problem with these counties I that they lack implementation,” he noted.

He also wants the counties to allocate a special kitty to address the challenges of reproductive health care.

“County governments should also allocate a special fund to ensure that reproductive health matters are fully addressed,” Rasugu pointed out.

The NAYA CEO also  called on politicians to uphold the rights of women as the country gears towards the August general elections.

According to him women’s rights are usually violated during campaign periods.

“I also want to appeal to the political class to ensure that the rights of women are upheld as we head to the coming general election,” he said.

 He says there is a need to empower women by ensuring that their rights are not violated.