Gov’t urged to arrest Malindi drug barons


A section of human rights defenders in Malindi sub-county wants the government to work closely with locals to curb drug abuse while also identifying drug barons.

Speaking to the media, rights defender Mr. Cornelius Kazungu accused tycoons in the area for allegedly being behind the flood of drugs destroying the live hoods of locals.

According to him, the youths are the most affected by drug and substance abuse in the area.

“It is unfortunate that wealthy people are behind this business. We need to work together with the government if we are to eradicate this vice,” he said.

Mr. Kazungu further implored the government to take stern action against drug barons whom he said are known.

 “Drug and substance use have affected most youths. The situation in Malindi is pathetic,” he added.

Another activist from Watamu asked the government to intensify the war on drug use.

“The government should do something to eradicate this menace. We are seeing a hopeless generation in the next few years,” he lamented.