Protect people with Albinism as 2022 poll nears, senator Mwaura urges state

Mwaura and Albinism society members photo: courtesy

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has wants the government to protect people living with albinism against ritual killings which might be meted on them during this electioneering period.

In a media briefing after meeting with representatives of people living with albinism in Nairobi, Mwaura urged security apparatus to protect the people with albinism against such superstitious ritual killings for political gain.

Mwaura also urged people living with albinism and Kenyans to be watchful in order to avert any harm which might be linked to such killings.

“And it has been discovered that during and around elections, is when people living with albinism are killed for ritual purposes. This is the time When we hear about killings. When there were elections in Tanzania people with albinism were killed.” said Mwaura.

He said people living with albinism will not take any threats to their lives lightly but will seek protection from the state.

“We want to say this time round, we are very ready. no life shall be lost for anyone greedy to acquire power and call every security apparatus to be very vigilant so that every life be protected. “He added

The senator also raised concerns over the number of children with albinism in the northern Kenya counties which is extremely low, a scenario which he termed might be occasioned by alleged killings.

According to Mwaura, Counties affected include West Pokot, Marsabit, Elegeyo Marakwet , Turkana and Mandera.

 He urged the named counties to ensure they protect people living with albinism from killings especially children.

Consequently ,he urged people with albinism to seek positions in the upcoming elections in 2022, which include MCAs, Mps, Senators, Governors and President.