Return school feeding program in Ganze, Mp Mwambire


Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire wants the government to restore food programs in all public schools.

Mwambire says this will curb school dropouts due to pangs of hunger.

Speaking in Ganze which has been ravaged by hunger, he said most pupils are scavenging for food instead of going to school.

“ As much as we expect food donation from the government, I would urge the government to restore the food school feeding program”, he added

Meanwhile, Mulungu wa Mawe primary school headteacher Simon Mwanjala said lack of food and water has disrupted learning in the area.

He notes that most of the pupils only attend morning classes then head home in search of food and water.

 “Most of the pupils take only a single meal per day, the situation is pathetic as we speak now,” said Mwanjala.

Ganze’s situation is dire since it has not rained for three consecutive years leading to a serious drought due to shortage of food and water.