EX- Senator Mbura urges Uhuru to protest over Mistreatment of Kenyans in Gulf countries

Former Nominated senator Emma Mbura PHOTO FILE

Former nominated senator Emma Mbura wants president Uhuru Kenyatta to seek solutions over plight of Kenyans working as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking at Baraka FM studios, Mbura said Uhuru has all instruments of power to agitate for the righst of Kenyans while in Saudia.

” Why can’t Uhuru talk to Saudia about this issue once and for all?, he is the president and has all instruments to ensure that happens”, she added.

Mbura also alleged that some politicians are behind the job agencies that take Kenyans to Saudi Arabia to suffer.

” I know a few politicians who are the owners of these agencies who take our daughters to suffer in Gulf countries.They dont care because they are in business.”, she alleged.

According to the former senator, most Kenyan females travelling to Saudi Arabia do not out rightly have job postings but are usually placed in a camp to wait for potential employers.

” They leave Kenyan without knowing where they are going. Usually those who have no job openings are just confined in rooms waiting for jobs. They end up living in squalid condition, jobless and frustrated”, she revealed.

Labour CS Simon Chelugui is scheduled to travel to Gulf countries in a fact finding mission over the allegations of mistreatments and deaths of Kenyans working as domestic workers.