Never turn your husband into ATM, Akothee tells girls

Musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth aka Akothee. She says women should not use their husbands as ATMs if they want a happy marriage./COURTESY

If you are a woman planning to get married, artist Akothee has several pointers to help you have a happy marriage.

In a Monday morning social media post titled ‘MESSAGE TO ALL GIRLS OUT THERE’, the singer and businesswoman gave a few pointers to help one succeed in the marriage institution.

So according to Akothee, if you want to be successful, here are a few things you should do;

1.Be ready to sacrifice

Akothee says, if you getting into the marriage institution, you should be ready to sacrifice in a lot of areas including your freedom to mingle with other men. You will have to be loyal to your husband.

“?Marriage comes with a lot of sacrifices, you automatically become one man’s property as a woman, therefore you are not allowed to have multi partners as men would be pardoned by community in the name of a man is polygamous by nature, if you are caught as a woman cheating in your husband, then you are either a prostitute or a loose woman & several names that will follow. Community will judge harshly that even in Your 90s, it will be used as an example to the rest of your great-grandchildren,” said Akothee.

2. Be responsible for your own happiness

You should also be responsible for your own happiness. This piece of advice from Akothee does not only work in marriages but also life in general. The mother five says, as a wife, you should also contribute towards the family’s happiness.

“?Marriage doesn’t mean, someone’s son should be responsible for all your happiness, both of you should contribute to the happiness of the family, never turn your husband into an ATM, money is very sensitive, You should also work hard to contribute to the wellbeing of the family ?, A man will respect you if you are positively contributing to the family wellbeing, it’s not about what you give him in bed, that’s icing on the cake ?,” she said.

3. Support your husband

“?You as a woman, must support your husband in all orders, both financially, emotionally, psychologically. If he cheats on you, it’s not about you, that’s his personal selfish decision. It will hit him later in life that it wasn’t worth it ?.”

4. Treat your man as a king

Akothee says to treat your man like a king. This does not mean posting him on the day of his birthday with the caption “on this day a king was born”, no, it should be a day-to-day thing, but in moderation, don’t be a doormat.

“Treat your man as the king, make him feel your world around him, make him dependent on you that if he wants to break up with you, he feels like his world is breaking apart. Being submissive to a man doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat, stand firm on your decisions, and make sure he treats you well,” she said.

5. Make friends with his family

Finally, make friends with your husband’s family. This will not only help in your interactions with them but will also be a major factor in the happiness and peace of your family.

“Make friends with his family, if they are toxic love them from a distance, remember you are the stranger here, you can’t decide what blood has joined, remember, it’s only him that knows your worth, the family will only see your worth with your doings, not what you say ?I didn’t say you should please everyone in a family ???, some families are Soo cold that their coldness can freeze an egg,” said Akothee.

Akothee was married to the father of her three daughters when she was 14 years old, but later separated.