Equity bank lauds 2017 wings to fly cohort for success in 2020 KCSE

A past Wings to Fly event.

Beneficiaries of the 2017 Wings to Fly scholarships who sat for the 2020 KCSE exams have out-performed themselves registering an improvement in performance from the 2019 KCSE class. 

In the recently released results, 203 Wings to Fly scholars managed to score a mean grade of A plain (A) and A minus (A-), forming part of the 7,313 finalists who topped in the national exams.

Of the 203, 18 scored a mean grade of A plain (A) and 185 scored A-, while 1,410 out of a registered class of 1,640 attained university qualifying grades; representing a university transition rate of 86%. The highest transition rate for the program over the last 5 years.

Additionally, despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, 1,640 scholars managed to sit for their KCSE exams out of a class of the 1,680 scholars who joined in 2017 representing a 98% completion rate.

Equity bank CEO Dr. James Mwangi, lauded the students for exemplary performance.

 “Despite being in a COVID-19 year, the 2017 Wings to Fly cohort registered a very high completion rate and transition rate as 1,410. Together with our partners, we are proud of their achievements.” he said.

Over 14,600 Wings to Fly, Elimu and TVET benefited from scholarship with a monthly stipend of Ksh 3,000, a transistor radio-cum-solar lamp and psychosocial support as part of efforts to cushion the scholars from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.