Mombasa County halts first dose of COVID-19 vaccination

A health worker during one of the vaccination exercises./COURTESY

If you were planning to get the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Mombasa, then you will have to wait.

According to Mombasa Health Communication Officer, Richard Chacha, the county has stopped administering the first dose of the jab until further notice.

“We will be rolling out the second dose of vaccination today, the vaccine will be given only to those who are due for the 2nd dose. Therefore, those who are due should come to the health facilities for their dose,” he said.

29,206 people got the first dose of the vaccine which was rolled out in May.

“We assure those who received the AstraZeneca covax vaccine that they will receive the same type of vaccine during our exercise,” he said.

Out of the number, 6,814 were above 58 years, 4,148 health workers, 2,968 teachers, 1,612 police officers while 13,628 were reported as others.

In terms of gender, 16,957 are males, 12,223 females and 8 from the intersex community.

Meanwhile, the county is on high alert after three people were confirmed to have contracted the Indian Variant of COVID-19.