Kilifi MCAs want salary increment to support BBI

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga with copies of the BBI Report. The two received the 180-page document. PHOTO: FILE

Kilifi County MCAs are demanding salary increments before supporting the Building Bridged Initiative (BBI) report.

Led by minority leader Benson Chengo the MCAs are demanding a salary increase from 16 percent to 43 percent of salaries received by Governors.

Chengo said they would only support BBI if their interests are captured in the report.

“An Mp earns 43 percent of the president’s salary, we as MCAs also demand a salary increase of 43 percent of the Governor’s salary’, he said.

According to Chengo, the move is justified considering their constitutional mandate of auditing functions of their counties governments and the Governor.

In addition, The Ganze ward representative, has questioned the provision of an additional 35 percent of the county allocation, claiming that the current 15 percent constitutional provision has not been fully implemented.