Kenyan investors urged to partner with Chinese to expand market potentiality

Afripeak expo Kenya Limited Managing Director Gao wei and Pius Rotich standing in for the Director of Kenya Investment Authority Moses Ikiara, during the opening of Kenya foreign expo at Sarit Centre, Nairobi./COURTESY

Local and international investors have been urged to foster partnership in a bid to gain the market potentiality of their goods.

Speaking on behalf of Director of Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) Moses Ikiara, at a media briefing during the opening of Kenya International Expo in Nairobi, Pius Rotich the bearer from the Authority urged Kenyan investors and their Chinese counterparts, to work together, indicating that local and international partners are fundamental in exploring expanded markets both locally and internationally.

“The importance of this is that there is a technological transfer, the opening of new markets and business partnerships,” said Rotich.

Rotich pointed out that Kenya has potential areas for investment thus urging Chinese investors to tap available opportunities in the country.

“We have over 200 projects which are ready for investors’ uptake,” he added.

In a bid to Fastrack foreign investment in the country, Rotich pointed out that the government has put in place one step investment center encompassing to ease the registration of investors.

On the other hand, Vice President of the national chamber of commerce Eric Rutto urged African entrepreneurs to leverage their business internationally, pointing that African countries have not fully benefited from China due to such loopholes that ought to be exploited.

“I urge participants to engage in business, both locally and internationally, explore markets and innovations and other engagements in this expo,” said Rutto.

According to Afripeak expo Kenya Limited Managing Director Gao Wei, the expo has attracted local exhibitors and over 50 exhibitors from Shandong China with virtual and physical modules being applied to showcase their products.