Mombasa Chief Health Officer’s husband, Mohamed Hatimy succumbs to COVID-19

Mohamed Hatimy. He was the husband to Mombasa’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Khadija Shikely. He succumbed to COVID-19 on Saturday morning./COURTESY

Mombasa Chief Health Officer Dr. Khadija Shikely’s husband has died.

Mohamed Hatimy succumbed to COVID-19 on Saturday morning at around 3 am and is set to be buried at Kokowani cemetery.

The death of the former FKF chair, comes just 12 days after Dr. Shikely’s mother succumbed to coronavirus.

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Hatimy was admitted at Mombasa Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit where he died.

Dr. Shikely is also said to be admitted in the same hospital.

He was among seven MCAs from Mombasa that tested positive for COVID-19 prompting the temporary closure of the assembly.

Hatimy doubled as the chair for Mombasa County’s Orange Democratic Movement and the County’s Finance Committee.