Family exhumes body of student buried in Mombasa for re-burial in Kakamega

Workers at the burial site of the late Clinton Shilisia Wanjira who died of suspected COVID-19. His family exhumed his body so can be buried in Kakamega./COURTESY

The body of a 28 years old man suspected to have died of COVID-19 and buried at Mombasa Cemetery within Mombasa County seven months ago has been exhumed.

The family of late Clinton Shilisia Winjira who was studying a masters degree in Mombasa exhumed his remains on Monday after a court issued orders to.

Clinton’s mother Edith Osodo Wanjira said that her son succumbed on 4th April and was buried on 12th April 2020 at Mombasa cemetery since the government had restricted movements in and out of Mombasa and it was impossible to transport the body of her son from Mombasa to Kakamega County for burial.  

“The deceased collapsed at home after developing a dry cough and we rushed him to Pandya hospital for treatment,” said Winjira.

Winjira has also faulted Pandya hospital for negligence, she said that the family feels their kin was not given proper care and alleged that he had contracted the COVID-19 virus before he was referred to Coast General hospital for further treatment.

The body has been transported to Lugari in Kakamega County and burial is set for Tuesday.

The exhumation process took about an hour as a handful of people stood a distance to witness the process while the deceased parents stood near the grave.

The family said that they paid sh.450, 000 to the funeral services which exhumed the body and transported it to Lugari in Kakamega County.

“We have used a lot of money in the process. We first hired a lawyer who went to court seeking orders to exhume and he again ordered sh.25,000 for the county government to allow us exhume the body despite having paid sh.25,000 for the burial in April.